Ode to Aurora

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.” – Anais Nin

You may remember that I spoke of an incredible painting that reflected the brilliant, visionary, spiritual, transcendent, loving sensitivity of my sister-in-law that died recently.

This painting in the museum in El Alto (the indigenous suburb of La Paz) I stumbled across blew my mind.  Freddy, the museum guide, pointed out you can smell the huge rose at all times, and feel some air and energy pass to your hands when you put them near the painting.  At first  I didn’t believe  him, but it  was absolutely true! The painting is of a beautiful woman that reminded me of my sister in law. Her name was Aurora, and she possessed a knowledge, extra sensory perception, spritual presence, and capabilities beyond which most normally have access…somehow I wasn´t surprised when Freddy told me the painting was entitled Aurora!

I found the photo and will now post it for you:



Aurora is the Roman goddess of dawn.  And these images of the Aurora Borealis go with a poem I wrote after her death (below), about Aurora and her everpresent light: Visions of Aurora

Aurora, may you enjoy your current travels.

“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton

Aurora, You Are Light

You manifest light, we reflect light

Overcoming early life burdens

Eyes twinkling

Smiling teeth glisten

Dazzling beauty

Sensual vibrating presence


Emanating brilliance

Visioning peaceful soul and universe

Path divinely illuminated

Beacon for ships in peril


Absorption bringing forth reflection

Loving heart luminescent red

Static separation to energetic connection

Perplexing shadows to liberating insight

Rich humor uplifts

Deep despair floats toward sun


Stagnant ponds to gleaming waters

Bursting Iridescent bubbles

Bright hues from rainbow palette

Warmth from earth mother depths


My brother moved to elation

My heart broken releasing bright memories

Star blazing for eons

Glow of spirit eternal

Now lightening spirits everywhere

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