Why I Travel…Why I Write?

Dear Friends and Family,

It seems presumptuous to me to assume others are going to want to take the time to read about my travels and thoughts-truly, no obligation to read on.

Yes, it’s true I’ve had a an affair since I was a teenager.  And my wonderful, beautiful wife has chosen to share that affair with me at times. It all began when I touched the ocean waters I treasure, and felt an overwhelming, blissful and commited  connection to every continent, every country, every race and culture, and every person on earth.  I felt a strong drive to manifest this connection with as many of my brothers and sisters in other parts of the world as possible.

I’ve talked about recording some of my experiences in over 60 countries for many decades, however when I return daily life always has had a way of taking priority over writing.  Now I feel drawn to share them as I go, primarily to feel a little less alone, and more in touch with my feelings, while on this long trip to So. America (likely Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador).  And because many of you have asked me to keep in touch, I know there won’t be time except in this manner.

This affair has been thrilling, problematic, physically dangerous at times, and always engaging.  I intend to include a few stories from past adventures, just to spice up the blog.  Especially for those more interested in suspense and drama vs. the more social and political aspects of my observations.

You should not feel any obligation to pay attention or spend time on my meanderings unless they are of special interest to you. Note that I am usually in isolated locations far from internet, so am unlikely to respond to email messages.  Feel free to send them, but don’t be surprised if you don’t get a timely response.



One thought on “Why I Travel…Why I Write?

  1. Allan, was a great pleasure meeting you on this trip. You were one of the most special person I’ve met in Argentina. Thanks for sharing with us all your sensations and travel experiences. You bring in your own words and photos much power of your travel experiences. Thank you. Maybe we’ll meet in New Orleans next year. 🙂 Hanna. (Sorry about my English, I’m not a good writer in your language)


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